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The Greet chanakya, master of change and the creator of Winner. - Nitin Namdeo sir

“Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are victorious”. – Chanakya

We do not just train the aspirants but make them understand what success is and how it is achieved. The institute helps the candidate to nurture their skills. It organizes them in the manner of fraternity striving to achieve success in judicial services.

The Chanakyaa Law Academy focuses with providing competitive attitude among the aspirants. We strongly believe in quality teaching with excellence which has resulted in various selections in the different states of the country respectively. The Academy organizes Seminars and workshops to train students in every aspect which is necessary for their examinations. It’s a unique knowledge center where every student excels with the help of hardworking Academician Mr Nitin Namdeo.


“A little progress everyday as up to big result”

To help every law aspirant in achieving success in any law examination.


Success in examination depends when we know what examination intends to test us on. We help aspirants form a strategy for examination by helping them understand what is the nature of examination and what it is going to test them on.

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